Meaning in Loss

by Ghazi

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Recorded from March to May 2016.


released June 14, 2016

Dillon - all instruments and vocals



all rights reserved


Ghazi Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: He Arrived at Dawn and She Would Never See the Light Again
And with great resolve the eyes of the supreme store upon the earth and tore through the deception,
our semblance of peace
Our bodies will pile for the sake of remembrance and to divert the creeping inner dark

Monsters lurk in the annals of our lives and obscure themselves

Humans will shadow their nature in a moments action
What to gain and lose

What's worth a connection in trying times
To shatter our nature
in a mere moment's action
Why do we cut and burn
All that we've gained for loss
It doesn't make sense
Why lose a friend
Track Name: Vexed
Bring to me your symbol of death
Representing what you've lost
Foster in me your despair and hatred
Maybe then I'll understand

You say I'll never never know
I've experienced death
Shoot the head, feelings fade
I need truth, you can't persuade

You decide
What kind of life
You want to live
Since you remain
You're the last
Of our past ties
You must pay dues
And never let go

Do you regret
Your life being Vexed
It was not your choice
Not in your control
Track Name: The Night and Day
the night
it happened
i was given
a destiny
i cant decipher

your loss
was so great
and impacting
in nights i speak in tongues
for a hyperphysical answer

i never knew
how bad pain could feel
i sought the reality
in the knife
i needed to know
Track Name: Breach the Loam
Breach the loam and cleanse
Over our existence
Our dwellings have been disturbed
Our tombs and ossuaries...

...crumble under blood curses
Virile hatred
Embodied human defilement

The darkness has come to rise
Examine your needs
And the means to sustain them
Are they yours to choose?

Breach the loam
Encased underneath,
Abhorrent nature

Who allows us to abduct the light?
To violate our kindess?

Breach the loam
Stone facade
Life be taken
Up to Allah
Track Name: Dream Revival
Your face was pained
You spoke with anguish
You had no time to explain
Your movements were frantic
While searching for family
You would find nothing

Speak to me, causeless dreams
Telling me what I can't bear to hear
At this terrible expense
I would feel myself die

We were concerned
Your face we'd always miss
We had all time to explain
Our questions were frantic
While searching for a reason
We would find nothing

Death is inevitable
Speak to me in dreams
Track Name: Cotyledon
Will you grow?
(One and eight)
Destined failure
(Two and one)

I've got something in my way
You will see it some bad day

I've recovered from your low blow
Pray you'll never see your end

You made your fight mine
It wasn't your right
Grown to kill yourself
Two stems from a inferior mind